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        SKG Smart Neck Massager Relief Pain Cordless Portable with Heating Function Easy to Use 4098 (Red)
        • SKG Smart Neck Massager Relief Pain Cordless Portable with Heating Function Easy to Use 4098 (Red)

          Sale Price:$0.00 List Price:$129.00

        • INTELLIGENT, FASHIONABLE, COMFORTABLE - Your neck suffers from great pressure after desk work or engagement with your cell phone. SKG neck massager can relieve neck discomfort and care for your neck in a intelligent way.
        • WARM COMPRESS, QUICK RELIEF PRESSURE - Coupled with 107.6℉ constant-temperature and warm compress techniques, you may enjoy the relaxation of massage on every single day.
        • 3 MODES, 15-LEVEL INTENSITY - Intelligence provides what you need. 3 modes x 15-level intensity is supported to satisfy multiple massage demands: Daily mode; Leisure mode; Exercise mode.
        • LIGHT WEIGHT, MOVE FREELY - The whole machine weighs 160g and skin-friendly, free users from bound feelings. No matter in exercise or daily activities, it will not restrict your movement.
        • WORRY-FREE PURCHASE: 2-Years warranty, if you need any help, please feel free to CONTACT US through Amazon or email us (service@skgelectric.com) and we will do best to ensure you are satisfied :)

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