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        SKG 3219 Facial Steamer Spa Humidifier Skin Care - Gray
        • SKG 3219 Facial Steamer Spa Humidifier Skin Care - Gray

          Sale Price:$29.00 List Price:$34.80

        • Strengthen the cell vitality, supply water to the skin and give the skin luster and tension. Deep cleanse skin, open pores and promote penetration and absorption of nutrition.
        • Absorbing extra lipin and cutin, more tender cleansing to the dirt of pore and the toxin, effective removing of old keratose, leaving skin soft and moisturizing.
        • Professional PTC heating technology to produce mist effectively, remove fine lines, make eye skin firm, promote circulation system, improve skin quality, fade dark circle, prevent oil grains and form protective membrane around eyes.
        • Blue indicator light on when turn on the easy use switch , adjustable nozzle angle to meet the need of your spa, just stay at a casual position to enjoy the facial treament for face, neck or back.
        • 100 ml water tank last about 15 mins, automatic shut off when the water is dry. Dust cover to keep the nozzle clean and ensures your skin care, save your time and money. Any problem please feel free to contact us: service@skgelectric.com

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